There is no difference between a trim and a haircut/dry cut. Usually when a client is asked if they need a haircut with their color, some clients will respond “no, I just need a trim”. We know you hate to hear this, but a “trim” that removes one quarter inch takes just as long as a haircut that removes ten inches.

Sometimes it takes longer with a trim because of the precision involved in cutting a tiny amount all around. With a dry haircut a lot of times some flat ironing will be required for precision, thus taking the same time. 

Bang trims are different. Bang trims really do take just a few minutes and are complementary after your haircut.   

As long as you use high quality products (shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids) specifically recommended by a professional, your hair color should last from 4 to 8 weeks. That’s a big range, but the variance has to do with your tolerance for fading, how often you wash your hair, how hot the water is and how much you’re in the sun.

Water is the main culprit, but if you use inexpensive shampoos with detergents, your hair color will simply not last as long. A cheap non-color safe shampoo can strip red in one washing. You may think we’re saying that in order to get you to buy the better stuff here, but the higher detergent drugstore type shampoos will truly strip your color quickly.

Also, conditioners with a high paraffin content will bind to your color and make it wash out more quickly.

This also goes hand in hand with how long your color will last. If you have consistently been the same solid hair color (red or brunette) for a longer period the pigment in your hair will stay more prominent and you will not be required to get full color pulled through as often, just a root retouch for the new growth.

Typical retouches are anywhere from 4-6 weeks, especially for gray clients. The longer you wait in between color appointments the harder it is to maintain a consistent result, so it is always recommended to ask your stylist what is best for you. 

It’s difficult in the social world we live in now a days to keep up with all the terms floating around, it feels like there is a new one every other day. Highlights, baby lights, balayage, hair paintings, ombré, foilayage, and the list goes on.

To simplify things a little bit you should know that each one of these is a technique, and every stylist has their own technique. In my opinion all of these are still a version of highlights. They are just applied a little differently. Sometimes I can do a mixture of all of these “techniques” on just one persons hair. All of these applications can be so different from person — person.

Our suggestion is to bring in an inspiration picture and we will decide together what will be best for your hair. 

We at Ember Revival provide exceptional color correction services that emphasize restoring the health of damaged hair. What does it mean to need a corrective color? Merely that something has been done to your hair that is in need of a correction. This makes it necessary to involve a colorist who is truly at the top of the profession. When your hair needs corrective coloring, you want somebody that’s seen it all, knows how to fix it, and isn’t going to make it worse. You also need someone that’s going to be absolutely honest about the results you can expect. 

Like all of our services, corrective coloring is priced according to time. It typically takes longer because there are more steps involved, but some corrective color services can be done in the same amount of time as a normal color. If you are a first time client and think you need a corrective color its best to come in for a complimentary consultation so we can set you up for the correct appointment time. 

There is a range for color pricing because there are many variables that affect our cost to perform the service. One variable is time. Longer, thicker hair takes longer. It takes more individual foils, more brush strokes and more of everything else, which adds to the time. Special effects and precise pattern placements can also take longer.

Additionally, the more hair you have, the more product we use on it, and hair color is the most expensive cost we incur. Your stylist may adjust the price up or down to account for the unique requirements of your hair. Upon request, a quote for your color service will be provided.

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